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John Dunn, Rio Grande - Oil Canvas 36X44 - 2013
Painting creates an image to bring you to sense the wonderment of that which surrounds us. Each of us is carried during our lifetime on a river that spills over boulders, runs deep and tranquil, and tumbles through rapids that give us substance. My art draws on the light, color, form, line and texture that create this substance. My paintings are a diary of my life and are reflective of images from my river. Read more >>.
Oil Paintings

New Mexico

Tropical Moments

Vermont Studio

In The West

Enigmatic Pause

Figuring It Out

Them Boys

Strife & Life

Finally Out West

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Mountains & Lakes

In The Islands


Summertime Too

6 To Southwest

View Of The Lake

Here & There

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In The Beginning

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Still Life